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Weekend camp in Wiltshire July 12.

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	Weekend camp in Wiltshire July 12. Empty Weekend camp in Wiltshire July 12.

Post  barry muggeridge on Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:40 pm

Weekend camp in Wiltshire July 12.

Friday July 27th 12 and off we go for our weekend camp. 15.00 hrs and Brad and Ryan in Brads car, Chris and Karen in their camper and Me in my road going Disco set off.
We met up at Reading services with Neil from Dingocroft, Neil Hibbert a long time mate from Hillingdon Off Roaders peter Mc, Dick, Peter and David in Dicks 110 And H and Hilary in their Disco.
We chatted for a while and after fixing Brads over heating 90 by taking his thermostat out we all set off at a steady 50mph to the campsite but unfortunately half a mile short of the camp, I had a puncture in my rear tyre. The best part of being in convoy with mates is if you have a problem you will have a dozen hands swarming round to get you going again.
Arrived at the campsite and those of us that were camping set about pitching our tents while Steve and Sally were already on site with their camper all set up and cooking their evening meal.
After setting up camp we all cooked our BBQ meals and downed one or ten beers while generally getting to know all about each others journey to the site.
Saturday morning arrives and I could hear movement outside, it was six o’clock am so I got out of bed and found Neil Cummins walking around having a fag so I put the kettle on and made tea.
Sad to say Lloyd had trouble with his motor on the way to camp with a complete brake failure and Terry had to drop out due to his motor needing lots of work so we were just six cars and whilst four is good, five is excusable we decided that due to Salisbury Plain being a vast area and loads of room we decided that we would go with the six as Brad decided not to take his car but hop in mine to help me with the laptop multi map as I am not good with anything with a battery. ( well there is one thing but I never took that with me on this trip as the wife wanted me to leave it at home.)
Most of the lanes on the plain are pretty tame so we enjoyed lots of scenery and generally pleasant laning until we encountered some deep water off the side of the lanes that we could not miss out so we played in them. I was the first to get stuck as my motor nor I am up to this rough game but one by one we mostly all got caught out but we were like kids in a sweet shop.
We were due at the pub for lunch around 1oclock so by 12.45 we headed for the pub and arrived at 1.oclock just as we had arranged with the landlady and were made very welcome. Those of us that ate were more than happy with the pubs services and around 2oclock we set off for more fun.
We found more lanes and enjoyed every minute of the same as the morning until we rounded a corner and that’s when I recognised an area where Neil Cummins and I had played before, it was deep mud. We spent around 30 minutes here and behaved like kids in the mud but hay ho, I hope I never grow up to be a responsible adult.
By this time we found ourselves to be around an hour and a quarter from the campsite so we decided that we had had enough fun and headed back to camp.
Karen and Chris, ( my daughter and her husband were eating on the campsite so Brad and Ryan, (their sons decided to eat with them ) so I had my evening meal with them while some of us went to town to eat. There was a club of motor cyclist in town so it was not easy to get a meal and some ended up with fish and chips.
Okay another night in our bivveys and up early in the morning. We packed our gear away in our motors and were ready for our trip home but we were not going straight home, Oh No we were laning home. Sad to say Neil Cummins and Steve and Sally were not staying as they had commitments to attend but Brad was taking his motor out for the first outing since spending two years rebuilding it so I thought I would get behind him so that he could get me out of trouble should I get stuck, (I am not silly).
Well, off we went and did we find some deep sh@t oh yes we did. I must have got stuck 4 or 5 times but no prob as I had my own AA man in front who just hooked up and easily tugged me free. Well we must have got most cars stuck but after numerous rescues, Brad just drove the traps on tick over and successfully drove almost all except one. I thought okay here is my chance to rescue him but before I could get into position Brad had got himself free, Oh shit.
We found a pub around 3oclock and had a meal which was as good as the previous day, we spent an hour in this pub and when we left we decided that we had been very lucky re breakdowns so decided to call it a day so we said our goodbyes and all made our way home.
I want to thank every one of my off road mates that came along with me for this weekend away from our problems at home and hope to repeat a weekend away later this year around Sept/Oct time and if you did not come on this trip, do yourself a favour and sign up for the next one.

Thanks to Dick, Peter, David, Neil Hibbert and Lynn, Steve and Sally, Neil Cummins, Peter Mc, Karen and Chris, H and Hilary, also Ryan and Brad for their help with the laptop but thanks go to me for having such great mates. Ken..

barry muggeridge

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